Cool & Stylish Breakfast Nook Ideas for Small Kitchens

eclectic but small breakfast nook longer built in bench bamboo chairs with vintage fabric marble top dining table in oval shape vintage fabric window shutters original wood floors traditional chandeli Ami Designs

Either for setting the favorite toast & eggs for your family or sitting down while enjoying a cup of coffee/ tea with family, the breakfast nook has a crucial role in your home. The limited space actually isn’t a serious matter if you want to have a stylish and functional breakfast nook since we’ve prepared tens of inspiring idea of how to re-use the rest of space in your kitchen for your dream breakfast nook, or how to turn your existed nook into your most favorite one for lots of small houses.

Give yourself an opportunity to play the colors you want to choose for your tiny eat-in nook. The right color choice and implementation exactly will easy you to create a great accent color. Just apply the color on the things you want to display more. The throw pillows, for the examples. If you’re hesitated about what color you want to select, just take one hue and try to use it with different shades for a cohesive appearance.

As the traditional bench in a breakfast nook doesn’t always work well, we can create an illusion by involving L-shaped dining bench which is placed nearest the table and chairs. In a small space, a table and bench can also work perfectly.

A tulip table, a name of this smaller table usually used for smaller dining room. This kind of table can also usually used for a nightstand or a side table in most numbers of large dining rooms. We can’t never be wrong with this classic-mid century modern. Feature it with classic corner bench, chairs, and of course classic light fixture.

A larger butcher block table for a small breakfast nook maybe a solution since it allows a larger space for legs to cozily stretch out. And smaller built-in benches are the best matches for such dining furniture. Use green for much fresher look, and feature it with a larger pendant.

Love the artwork. Highlight your small breakfast nook just with an artistic artwork as the part of your modern lifestyle. Consider choosing the right and cohesive color of the wall painting and the artwork for a great color combination. This clear glass triangle-top table obviously assists you in creating a larger visual effect, especially for legs’ accessibility and movement.

Warm and cozy. With semi-rounded banquette and round table, you can get a cozy and stylish breakfast nook even in a limited space of kitchen. The pendant is really awesome for such a comfy nook.

The industrial bulb pendants have been one of focal points here, and they fits the abstract picture that’s installed vertically. And, the mid century modern chairs are chosen to complement the table. The most unique is the base that’s more likely a rug in playful colors. So, the point is don’t hesitate to use the colors for the rooms with small space.

Use playful lighting fixtures for more attractive look. These geometric pendants, for instance, takes an important role for the whole interior style, and the mid century modern banquette also meets the need of comfy area seating nearest the kitchen.

It’s awesome to choose such a lovely wood table for either a social use or an informal meal. The L-shaped corner built-in bench also adds a comfy seat to this small breakfast nook. All these dining furniture sets look clean and simple with these trendy geometric-tiled floors addition.

When you have no sufficient space for dining chairs and table, the banquette or stationary seat probably be the best option. The banquette properly fits such criterion. They don’t seem cramped as the chairs apparently would.

Amazing idea to select a couple of banquettes as the dining furniture in this very small breakfast nook. The seats and table are directly connected to the wall, creating a practical and space-efficient look. The window at the center gives a natural light access to the room. A well-recommended idea for you guys who want to remodel your small eat-in area.

A corner built-in seat with under storage – practical, usable, as well as usable. A butcher block looks so matched as the seat’s pair. Use an ornate pendant like this industrial lantern for more stylish lighting effect.

Small but trendy breakfast nook with domination of dark nuance. Vinyl cover on cushion gives fun as well as classic tone to the room, and the chalkboard wall gives a special space for some creative writing decorations.

Love the built-in bench and table skirt. Their colors are really stunning and playful. A good idea for a small farmhouse-style kitchen nook. It won’t take much space since the bench is built along the kitchen’s wall. We just need to feature it with a proper table and a side chair as the extra seat.

If you have a plan to construct a built-in seat in your small breakfast nook, consider balancing the clean look with an antique or vintage appeal like this seat and window fabric shutters. This vintage furnishing piece, of course, would be the comfy and inviting seat in this room.

Have fun chairs and wallpaper. Choose the chairs’ model you wanna to place in, and choose the color you like. If you like something beautiful but contrasting, add the colorful wallpaper for the bench behind. Why colorful wallpaper? It’s to differ the chosen chairs’ color as well as to enrich the crowds of tones in your small breakfast nook, so you’re gonna own a fun & playful color nook for your mornings.

Chairs and built-in bench aren’t only options when you need an extra seat for your small breakfast nook. Cubes or stools are other best alternatives and both keep the space inviting and even fun. The following is the idea of cubes featuring a corner built-in bench with storage. An antique wood table offers different style.

Play the repeated rhythm and radiant colors. In this small breakfast nook, we’ve obviously found the repeated and balanced tone element. The artworks and the throw pillows, for instance, exactly repeat the same color tones, so they really exist in more than one spot. The flowers and the chairs precisely radiate off the marble table. At last, the pure white walls and wood floors visually add the stability.

Use the color to balance and unite the pieces which don’t visually go together. These chairs and wallpaper are the examples that offer similar tone or at least a relevant tone to the space.

Add fun patterns to highlight your small kitchen nook. Just limit the numbers of colors and apply them in the forms of wall decor and furnishing pieces. It may be implemented on interior accessories like throw pillows and ornate flowers. Fun color wallpaper is also good choice for this idea.

It’s okay to do trials on adding a gallery to your mini kitchen/ breakfast nook. Consider placing your gallery in the precise and right spot; a center gallery wall makes the space feels like a mini room, and vice versa. Choose huge variants of artworks like paintings, prints, or handmade arts for more fun breakfast nook.

Add extra storage unit by building upper cabinets for a display corner or a real storage solution. Make sure that we’ve set the right height, make sure our head doesn’t touch the cabinet’s base. It’s better to position the cabinet a little bit higher than our head while we’re standing. About the table, I really love the color. It’s like the mushroom’s tone.

Pale blue here has refreshed the natural element like wood clearly found in floors and walls. Another pale tone like green also becomes a mood-boosting scheme and absolutely seems great for wood chairs covered by white slipcover.

eclectic breakfast nook chalkboard wall system lots of wall arts classic white round top table dalmation patterned dining chairs

Caitlin Wilson Design

Be unique and creative by using unusual things as the most primary pieces for your breakfast nook. The chalkboard wall system, for instance, is a creative media for collecting and displaying the kids’ handmade artworks. Here, you can also let your lovely kids to creatively write down what they wanna express. Just make this wall as your kids’ gallery.

So colorful kitchen nook. The space contains several pop of colors like red, blue, and white, and this color combination looks naturally bold and fun. The clusters of throw pillows and denim blue slipcover on the bench seat are so inviting and casual. Also, the red on vase attract me instantly.

Rich and warm due to red application. The color seemingly attracts the eyes and can transform this small space into a worthy spot. Keep the remaining wall space in white for making the red powerfully dominant and stunned. If you want to add other colors, try lighter or darker tone of red for the chairs or bench. Or make the space oppositely contrast just with softer grey on pillows or other supporting accessories.

Soft vs bold, buttercream vs black. Buttercream yellow is warming and inviting. It can be a perfect match for most series of dark hues like natural wood and black. The natural wood is relatively connected to modern and simple; it also isn’t cold. I, personally, really love this color combination as it feels calming, a peaceful feeling usually have in every mornings when our minds are still clear and fresh.

Contrasting dark table featuring rich color bench seat. Deep red color accented with blue motifs creates a matching color combination with the blue on seating area. Not only the color, the fabrics let us feel so comfortable, and surely colorize this white kitchen.

An airy breakfast nook with accent blue. It seems so refreshing and keep inviting. The furniture choice allows us to have ultra comfort to sit down and to have a slice of toasted bread and a cup of tea for breakfast. The flowers slightly give a vivid ornament that can fill the wooden table. Wonderful!

Optimize your tiny breakfast nook just with the playful color and patterns. If you love the vintage pieces, it’s fine to insert your favorite into your eating space. The patterns or motifs on pillows, for examples.

Purely white bench seat, it’s lovely alternative to stand out your breakfast nook. A couple of grand chairs completely improves the whole furniture performance, and the dark butcher block naturally gives hard but natural addition.

I love the chairs. They’re manually designed and created by a skillful carpenter, exposing details of colors and patterns. They keep being the most striking ones when a simple banquette completes their performance. Look at the chandelier, it’s huge and classy, adding a luxurious piece that’s full of function and performs the timeless style.

Modern-retro. The concept is supported by the element of retro color as what has been seen on the chair, while stainless steel table and floating bench seat obviously represent the modernity.

Try to add something unique as the wall decor like this topographical map or other things you love. Imagine that you always see what you like every morning. You can also maximize the performance of the chosen furniture for a comfy eating nook. The built-in bench seats and lower stainless steel table are just the samples of best alternatives for such idea.

Raw rustic as what has requested by the homeowner. To meet the client’s request, the designer selects a rustic banquette for seating area and some throw pillows to provide much more comfort. The walls, as you see, is originally the organic wooden panels which still expose the real texture and color of trees. Complete the performance with a shabby-look pendant as the light source.

Use the vacant area of your small kitchen for a stylish and cozy breakfast nook. This tiny one, for example, is built just re-use the vacant space nearest the kitchen for a proper spot where we can have our morning meals everyday. Attractive, the wall contains the mix of white-gold mosaic tiles for a creative but simple wall decor, and its lower space is painted in blue, what a beautiful contrast.

It’s unique as the designer involves the bamboo boards as the wall accent instead of other common wall decors (the artworks like paintings, etc). On top, the boards are completed with a shelf for books, magazines, and even for the small ornaments. This idea is really recommended for you guys who wanna put Oriental or Asian style interior decorating ideas in your favorite nook.

What a lovely nook! The space has a vaulted ceiling inspired from Ottoman interior style, and the color of nook as if provides a warm and cozy atmosphere in nook. For such small breakfast nook, the patterned fabrics on benches and pillows give unique visual texture, surprisingly enriching the aesthetic credit to the space. The chandelier, additionally, isn’t only a lighting source, but also a direct interest in this room.

The walls’ color is adorable, it’s warm and easily to design with huge ranges of color schemes like this accent furniture. The handmade painting brightly compliments the grey wall.

contemporary breakfast nook nearest the bay window L shaped bench seat with fabrics comforter white square top table light lemon yellow kitchen set darker wood floors

California Home Design

A breakfast nook nearest the bay window is the best spot I ever think. The reason is the morning’s sunlight helps us to refresh our mind, so it can spirit us up for the next daily activities. The nook with amounts of sunlight surely will make us enjoy each slice of bread and a cup of tea we have in mornings. It can be said, this is a dream kitchen/ breakfast nook.

Yellow, whatever its kinds, always offer us the freshness. When it’s applied for small room like this breakfast nook, it isn’t only giving attractive & refreshing look, but also providing a clean visual effect. The color is also easy to design with many other colors, including the light dark colors like grey, and bright color like white.

small traditional breakfast nook chocolate walls with deep red printed wall arts bay window with metal wire rails dark wood table with round top metal chairs with traditional craft details

Joni Spear

Create positive vibe with bold tones. This small breakfast nook has much natural light, so that’s why it seemingly needs the bold tones like chocolate as the balance maker. Use the chocolate color for walls and accent it with several deep red artworks. I believe this color addition and the artworks can wake up us from sleepy commonly haunt us in morning.

transitional breakfast corner curved bay windows corner built in bench seat white round top table yellow scandinavian chairs dark wood floors white and orange throw pillows

Michael Fullen

Still about the breakfast corner and bay window. The curve of built-in bench seat in the bay window seems to fit  the round-top table. The chairs, in addition, completely provide an extra comfy seating.

This breakfast corner is built in the end of small kitchen, adding a cozy and intimate spot for having breakfast while gathering with the loved ones. The bay window allows this space brighter and warmer, it feels so airy when being there. The furniture set like the built-in bench provides extra seat space, while the round table and chair are intentionally available for complement the bench.

Closest window is another best alternative if you don’t have a bay window for your breakfast nook. Like this idea, the transom windows are used as the chosen spot for placing the breakfast nooks. With white paint color on walls and light-toned floors, the space has met the requirement of good-lighted breakfast nook as most people dream of.

If you don’t have a real corner or nook, you can still create your dream breakfast nook by placing a nookish banquette, some chairs, and table. You don’t even need to build the banquette permanently like the other common banquette in most numbers of breakfast nooks.

Use mirror for a stylish look and light reflector. Since the breakfast nook has only a window, it’s acceptable if we replace the chandelier or other old-fashioned light fixtures with a couple of giant bulb pendants for a well-lighted breakfast nook. Use a mirror to reflect the light back, and garnish it with some ornate wood bars for a frame.

A breakfast nook with huge mass of antiques. Yes, it’s true that antiques are old-fashioned, but they’ll look more stylish if we treat them precisely well. Like in this breakfast idea, large numbers of antique furnishing pieces beautifully fill the room, and they create excellently unique look. We’ll never find such a stylish old breakfast nook.

Light and bright, this small breakfast nook feels like the coziest space for breakfast. It offers a cozy seating area provided by a couple of wood chairs and a fabric-covered banquette. The nearest position to kitchen allows us to get the easy access to the kitchen.

low lighted and warm breakfast nook corner built in banquette with higher back semi circular wood table dark finishing chairs deep cream painted walls series of picture frames

Adeeni Design Group

Grand and warm breakfast nook dominated by deep cream color scheme. The interior color really fits the furniture’s scheme, especially the chairs with dark finishing. The pendant surprisingly adds the glowing accent light when the space begins dimmer, creating an elegant visual light, making this room stands out.

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