The Living Room Colors, Reflecting Our Characters & Personal Taste

neutral painted walls with a cluster of wall arts neutral light couch with facing chasing multicolored throw pillows bright red white geometric rug dark wood floors round top wood side table Arkee

The favorite colors sometimes reflect our personality and can lift the positive energy & mood that exactly important for our daily routines. The chosen colors may be implemented for everything, including for our lovely home where we seek a homey atmosphere and comfort. Well, talking about the colors and house design, both are closely relative and each has been a key role in creating all aspects, especially when we closely relate them with home value and aesthetic.

Since the living room is one of ‘public’ space that’s particularly designed and exposed for guests or visitors, I’d like to share the best ideas of living room colors which might be your inspiration. Wish they would be your favorite.

Highlight Your Favorite Grey

Choose a vibrant scheme which can reflect a special character & personality in your living room. Be sure that the chosen scheme can work in both brightly daylight and warmly night. The grey, for example, is calmly energizing and vividly stands out the room. It has strong character but isn’t overwhelming. Pair it off with a deep color furnishing pieces like this deep blue couch, and make the base more crowded by inserting the floors with patterned fabric rug. Clear off the wall space and add a piece or two pieces of wood panel for displaying the artworks, a great solution if you are lacking the space for showing off the artworks.

Create Spots of Jewelry Glows 

Make your living room is a direct attractiveness by putting lots of small focal points as the centerpiece of room. At least create this centerpiece as glow as the jewelry. Pick deep grey for walls. Why? This scheme effectively works well for such bold-toned ornaments and pop-colored furniture set.

Match Shelving Unit and Walls

Create a special feature by colorizing the walls and the shelving in similar scheme. This trick effectively works particularly for a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit. Light beige couch here adds a mellow contrast against the white walls and shelving unit that perfectly has a role as the room partition as well. The single cowhide armchair here is a focal point that differently gives the most stunning spot to recognize.

Create A Harmony

A harmony can be achieved by considering the right color combination, especially the interior and its supporting elements like the furniture and accessories. These elements are deliberately designed in similar root of color scheme, yellow. The colors visually create warm atmosphere, even when the furniture’s tone supports the existed wall color.

Pattern is The Centerpiece

Neutral wall painting is ideal for a bright and geometric pattern. It feels like these patterns make this space fresher and more updated, giving a contemporary & trendy look. So, this idea is so brilliant for you guys who want to re-touch up your old rug. Beautiful!

Pick A ‘Hero’ Scheme

Select a hero scheme that instantly stands out your living room. This fresh green, for example, is preciously making the space so much fresher but calmly completing the whole interior pieces, including this soft dark couch and wood table. The artwork also impressively takes my interest, even more when it’s attached on this vibrant green wall for the art’s background.

Keep It Sweet & Cozy

Create a huge impact just with a sweet baby pink shade collaborated with pure white for the walls. Don’t be worried to combine these colors due to the existed assumption of going to be pale. Be confident to choose another light furnishing piece like this white couch as the cozy seating. The cowhide rug and bold armchair successfully be the color accents that break the pale statement.

Make The Space Colorful by The Artworks

The living room is one of the most perfect spots to go on various colors. Choose the light and neutral color for wall in order to be a perfect background for this huge abstract picture. Highlight it with a deep red curtain that’s intensively offering a fresh scheme to the space. The furniture can be various in colors, it could be brightly white and deep blue, then they’re balanced by natural wood color implemented on the coffee table.

Wood Siding Walls, Make Them as the Special Feature

Wood siding wall is the next option if you want to remake more natural yet modern living room. Make the walls as the special feature and highlight them by high-end lighting fixtures like this couple of modern lantern wall lamps. Concrete wall panel also sounds great to be the best pair of siding walls, even for a lighter wall option when we want to display our lovely artwork collections.

Greys, The Same Shade with Different Texture

Use different textures on walls for a richer look. In this idea, the walls consist of different finishes. The pop-colored sofa here is cheering up the space, and the abstract picture here contributes in giving a bit color scheme on wall.

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