DIY Iron Pipe Furniture for Vintage Industrial Interior Look

Do you have any waste iron pipe in your house?After great renovation, you might find so many waste material including iron pipe. In this case, rather you throw it, wouldn’t it better if you make something from it? I guess you should try to make some diy iron pipe furniture! Following show is the best source to pull out your inspiration. Check it out!

The first diy iron furniture that you can try is a vintage wardrobe storage. In this model, you need amount of iron pipe for large design. Combining it with wooden board will be useful to store your shoes even bags. Adding wheels is also prominent for movable furniture!

The next awesome idea is wall iron pipe shoes rack. Yeah, it is wonderful to have such vintage appeal made from waste material. Short iron pipe is adequate to support wooden board for the racks. Combined with copper accent, it appears both in vintage and industrial look!

Further, to spruce your bathroom with awe, a set of industrial black iron pipe towel hanger puts such awesome look. It contrasts the modern white painted wall with darkest color and rustic style. what do you think?

Meanwhile, for a complete industrial vintage nuance in your interior, you can replace all of your stuff with iron pipe bookshelves, armchair and also coffee table. Those things look good with this waste iron pipe, and the vibrant tone applied to the design lifts th outlook to be a retro vintage style!

Then, creating your own iron pipe dining set is also possible!


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