Fancy Bar Cart IKEA that You Can Decorate by Yourself!

What’s more fun than having a party in your house with beloved friends and enjoying the cocktail campaign or wine? If you like to hold a party in your house, it will be a good idea to have your own bar cart to stock the cocktail bottles or other drinks. You can decorate your bar cart by yourself and involving your own creativity to get more eye-catching bar cart.

This article will show you how to embellish your bar cart IKEA that will grab the attention of your friends and guests. You just need innovative tricks on the bar cart arrangement so that it looks stylish and fancy. Don’t waste your time and go for decorating it.

The things that you must prepare are the bar cart IKEA, liquors or campaigns, glasses and decorative features such as flower vase and painting. You may put in extra fresh fruits or herbs to the cart to give fresh and tasteful outlooks.

It’s time to start decorating the bar cart with the liquors, beer cans, or the bottles of wine. You can decorate it at the top or the bottom tray of the bar cart. It is better for you to have great amount stock of the liquors for the big party and add some cute straws on the glass.

Then, decorate the glasses for the cocktail or wine in another tray. After you have done with this, it is time to add some beautiful decorative ornament to the bar cart IKEA. For example, you can put a beautiful flower vases and books. For suggestion, you can also decorate the wall close to the bar cart with artistic paintings as an additional focal point.


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