Half Moon Entry Table

Table is one of important furniture in your home. You can use table as your living room storage place, table desk for you to work and also for your kids to study, or a table is just for your room decor only. There is one cool idea to decor your room side with slim table using half moon table. Half moon table is simple and slime table with half moon design. It small size and shape is very perfect to decor your room and put some accessories on it.

Here are some explanations of half moon table. Half moon table usually has long leg and half of round surface, that’s why it is suitable to put it on the your room side. Most of half moon table is made from wood, but also some of them are made from stainless steel or combination both of them. Half moon table design is nice if it has simple storage place like one drawer in the middle, or a rack on the bottom part of its legs.

Half moon table is good furniture to put your room accessories like vase, lamp, or frame. Half moon table can be put in your home entry, that’s why there are some of them called half moon entry table. Don’t show your half moon table with empty appearance.

You can put a big frame or mirror right above half moon table on your room wall. If you need more luxury style of half moon table, you can buy one with glass design style. Its glass material will make your room looks gorgeous and expensive.

reference: foter.com

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