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Underground White Ceramic Japanese Soak Tub With Free Standing Stainless Steel Faucet Open Glass Door Grey Ceramic Tiles Floor With Mosaic Tiles
Traditional Deep And Small Japanese Tub With Half Way Enclosure
Luxurious Porcelain Japanese Tub And Free Standing Faucet Unique And Cool Side Table In Black  Dark Ceramic Tiles Floors An Abstract Painting A Glass Window With Trims And Curtain
In Ground Wood Japanese Tub With Bench Seat Feature
Square Japanese Soak Tub In Modern Bathroom Built In Faucet For Tub Small Natural River Stones For Wet Room Floor Large Glass Windows
Steel Japanese Tub In Small Size Free Standing Water Sprayer  Floating Bathroom Vanity With Simple Storage System White Ceramic Floors
Wood Japanese Soaking Tub In Semi Outdoor Bathroom Natural River Stones  Floors
Deep Steel Japanese Soaking Tub With Steel Free Standing Faucet  Wood Floors  Wood Racks For Bathing Supplies
Small And Deep Japanese Soaking Tub Idea With Wood Stairs In Modern Bathroom  Black Bricks Wall System A Large And Modern Shower Space In White Color
Copper Japanese Tub In Small Size Free Standing Water Sprayer A Small Window In Bathroom A Wood Side Table With Three Rolls Of Towels Wall Mount Chrome Hook

Are you looking for a Japanese style soaking tub? There are a lot of manufacturers of Japanese soaking tubs have you have been looking for. The tubs are totally different to regular soaking tubs or bathtubs. Japanese soaking tubs are deeper and smaller than conventional soaking tubs. These tubs become the new item among the bathroom fixtures. Most Japanese soaking tubs, either modern or traditional Japanese soaking tubs, have equipped a bench as the seat. The bench provides you extra comfort. The bench and look (deeper and smaller physic design) become the main characteristics of Japanese soaking tubs.

Japanese style soaking tub is beginning popular worldwide since people take much care of their health. Reviewed from its cultural history, Japanese always have importance of cleansing the body and soul. The body and soul cleansing, then, becomes a sacred ritual. Today, the use of Japanese soaking tubs is not as the part of cultural ritual, but it’s rather than function. Many people all around the world use this type tub as their bathroom fixture.

There are some reasons why people choose Japanese soaking tub rather than other types of tubs. First, it looks so cool and stylish for a bathroom. Everyone must agree that such tub makes a bathroom prettier and distinctive. Japanese soaking tub not only suits Asian bathroom style, but it will be a great and gorgeous focal point for a modern, minimalist, rustic, traditional, or other bathroom styles.

Second, A Japanese style soaking tub offers an obvious Asian accent to your bathroom. Loot at its typical characteristics; there’s no soaking tub that is identical with. Third, it provides ultimate comfort for small bathroom space. Corner tub installation becomes the favorite spot for saving more space in limited bathroom space. To provide people’s demands, there are many options of Japanese soaking tubs in wide variants of size, material, and shape. And below is the list of Japanese soaking tubs you can take as your new references.

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