Selecting The Perfect Lighting for Your Dining Room

Having enough light for your dining room is necessary. You can put a tall or wide window or several small windows to let much light enter the dining room during the day. However, when night comes and it is time to have a dinner, it will be annoying if you do not get sufficient light to enjoy your meal. Therefore the type of the lighting fixture and the way you hang it should not be thought carelessly.

Before you purchase the dining lighting with desired design, you have to consider some following points. First, you have to measure the diameter of the light depends on your dining room size. If you have a small dining room that less than 10×10 feet than you had better placing lights that has 17 to 20 inches in width. However, if you own a large dining room around 14×18 feet diameter, you can install bigger lamps up to 36 inches.

After you choose the right lighting size, it is time for you to hang the lamp. You cannot hang it too far or too close from the table because it influences the light diffusion. The usual length is between 30 to 36 inches above the table.

The third and the last point is the wattage that you should be used in the lighting fixtures. It will be irritating if the lighting is too bright or too dim, so you ought to put 200 up to 400 of total wattage in the hanging lamps. By selecting the correct lighting fixture, your dining room will create a perfect ambience that arouses your appetite.


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