Create Contemporary Look with Mid Century Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Mid Century modern bathroom vanity is well suggested to you who are planning to remodel a new contemporary bathroom which is identical with elegant, luxurious, functional, and practical. Based on modern bathroom vanity designs, there are some characteristics you can recognize clearly. The characteristics include sleek, simple, clean lines, and so elegant fixtures. Mid Century is an era which was recognized after the World War 1. The decades further, precisely after World War II, the Nordic countries spread a new and distinctive interior designs and architecture including bathroom interior designs.

Related to Mid Century modern bathroom vanity, one element you should consider is the cabinet design. Modern or contemporary style is closely connected to and emphasizes the minimalism idea. So does the cabinet idea. Different to a traditional cabinet style which is perhaps designed in crown feature, elaborate hardware, and cutouts feature, contemporary cabinet design offers efficient features, simple door model, no hardware (for particular items), and angular shape.

How about the materials? Most Mid Century modern bathroom vanity fixtures are made from hardwood with laminating and metal kinds. Both are selected to afford the best quality before processing of manufacturing.
Simple modern bathroom vanity has two common options of vessels: single vessel sink and double vessel sinks. The sinks materials are actually similar to the traditional bathroom’s sinks materials. Copper, glass, bronze, and white porcelain are very common sink materials found at most bathroom. Small and angular subway tiles are well considered to create a modern nuance of bathroom wall.

Glossy, matte, and flat accents are some good options for the countertops. And if you are going to optimize and to emphasize the modern look in your bathroom, select neutral colors such as black, grey, and white for your bathroom floors. By applying these points, surely that you have just created a Mid Century modern bathroom vanity.


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