Need Preparation for Your Newborn? Check Out These Recommended Cribs for Your Dream Nursery Room

beautiful roses wallpapers pink drapery on bed canopy white baby crib accented with pink throw blanket Pinterest

Baby crib is sometimes on list when you want to give a special gift to your lovely friends or families who are a parent-to-be; or make it a part of list of items you wanna buy for your next newborn. Consider selecting the best one that provides ultra comfort to your baby. Design and features are also important to figure out when you start shopping a baby crib. Here, you will find ten best recommendations of baby crib products. Check these out right now and don’t forget to make the chosen one as your wish-list.

Simple and minimalist. Finished in crisp white and light wood color, the baby crib looks super minimalist. White mattress here completes the crib perfectly, totally creating a clean look and modern. Wooly-texture area rug and neutral pendant act like a minimal boho accents in this nursery room. So inspiring.

Very gentle in tone, light gray featuring white. The baby crib is designed lower for more comfortable profile. Here, all interior items starting from the ornate log side tables to a giant girafe print wall decor work perfectly in this space, creating a calming atmosphere.

white baby crib colorful tree and animal wall stickers cute pendant bare concrete floors


White is timeless. It’s the right choice if you decide to pick a white baby crib to furnish your nursery room. You can use it to your next newborns. It’s always beneficial to use white as the primary color hue of the baby crib because it can fit any colors and styles. Combined with gray, white baby crib looks striking and clean. It’s more attractive after super-cute wall stickers become its background.

For a baby girl, this beautiful nursery room is perfect. Themed a beautiful pink roses, the designer uses the same tone in several spots like the drapery, throw blanket, and wallpapers. Superlight pink wall painting here is perfect to background the rose prints.

Elegant in dark tone. The baby crib looks striking in dark tone; it’s very contrasting with the gray wall background. It’s genius to add such a beautiful tree of cherry blossom wall decal. It visually adds more textural colors to this space.

light gray baby crib superlight gray walls crisp white nursery chair crisp white rug superlight gray knitted pouf


Light gray helps a lot in creating a clean look and this baby crib luckily has it. It’s always perfect to combine this neutral color with crisp white. Gray-white nursery room looks great for the baby boys, but if you wanna to set it up for the baby girls, it’s quite unique and anti-mainstream.

Raw rustic might be rarely used for nursery room, but it’s okay to try it. Actually, it’s easy to re-design a nursery room into the rustic one. Simply using organic wooden as the basic material of baby crib. Remember to not add any finishes on it; let it in bare look to highlight the original tone and texture of organic wooden. It’s quite interesting if we add wood planks coated the wall behind the crib.

It would be so awesome if we feature such a simple white baby crib with wood-cotout wall. FYI, all wood-cutouts are cut manually from the organic plywood. They are just sanded and then painted manually, too.

For a baby explorer, it’s fun to pick such a sophisticated nursery room as the perfect choice. Accented with a large world map wall decal and some exploring ships, your baby must be so excited being this space. The space is simply furnished with a wooden crib that still exposing the organic wooden’s tone and texture. Complete the crib with the best linen for ultra comfort. Just make it happen.

Treat as a princess, your baby girl would be the most special gift in your life. To celebrate it, prepare all her needs particularly everything related to her nursery room where it is her actual world. Furnish the space with such amazing baby crib accented with a gold-tone crown and dramatic white curtains. Add some big ribbons on front railing of crib for ornate statement. Pink sounds great for that.

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