Patterned & Colorful Tile Trends: Be Ready to Get Much Visual Interest to Your Home

Mexican tiled flooring idea with golden yellow and deep red tones homedit

Patterned & colorful tiles are great elements to create a statement in homes. They will be visually beautiful whether contemporary or traditional, and seem to be a continuing trend for years ahead. Their various geometric patterns, of course, add a visual interest, even when featured with any existed color schemes. Patterned & colorful tiles are available in bold and neutral colors, and they’re applicable for any interior parts. To see more patterned & colorful tiles implementations, just please the following ideas.

For homely warm and eclectic look, just combine the plain wall panel with patterned vintage tiles. Just select the lighter scheme ones to make them balance with the existed plain wall, but if you want to make a statement in room, the bold-colored tiles are much recommended. Use the playful patterns and apply them randomly. They will be great with such random patterns.

modern kitchen idea corner white kitchen counter white sink green white yellow tiled backsplash pendant with green lampshade

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Still about the bold colored tiles, this backsplash looks much more vivid and full of visual fun just with the green tiles. The whole backsplash can create a direct interest in easiest way just by putting white kitchen counter together in this room.

What a beautiful flooring idea! These tiles display the most playful pattern and color combination. When they are installed as one package, they offer promising visual look that’s really beautiful and of course brings happiness for the owner and guests visiting. Their deep red and golden yellow tones never go wrong for any rooms, including for the most private one like bathroom.

Select tiles that can make your small entryway much more eye-catching and interesting. Patterned and colorful tiles are the best products for most entryway floors. Why? They are easy to clean and keep stunning even when there are so many messy contents.

An airy and beach-style bathroom accented by patterned and vividly blue tiles flooring. When entering such room, the floors as if direct us to stare at and to adore these beautiful tiles. The space showcases a perfect setting where we find bright and bold schemed interior in one frame. The wood and porcelain elements here completely enrich this space.

What a great masterpiece! A huge mosaic with full of lively colors and playful patterns. I recommend to feature it with gray flooring to create a perfect cohesiveness and balance. And nature-sources here (like wood and natural fiber) contribute in natural warmth creation that will softly reduce the dominance of color schemes and ‘busy’ patterns of wall. Brilliant!

This idea may be called a vintage-inspired bathroom. From this setting, I’ve found a uniqueness elaborating two different typical tiles: white subway ceramics and patterned & colorful vintage tiles. They complete each other since they perform different look, enriching more this space. An obvious Grandma painting here gives a classic touch to this bathroom. What about the furnishings? We all know that they are the old school pieces that ever be so popular at Grandma’s age.

Black and white always become the best choice for those can’t decide what the best tiles for interiors, including the bathrooms. These simple color schemes are effortless in creating a stunning setting. With adorable classic patterns, these selected tiles have obviously improved the value of space.

Just with a bit bold colors, the tiles stand out the wall. The sunny yellow and deep black tones evidently give the rich tone in this brightly modern setting, the easiest method for visually makes the setting much interesting.

But if you start liking the cool neutral setting, this idea seems recommended. Dark schemes dominate the room, including the tiles flooring and tables, but the designer warm them up with expensive earthy brown leather sofa for a seating area. The tiles are hexagons but the detailed pattern varies in color proportion. Unique!

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