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Scandinavian interior idea offers light, clean lined, airy, and sunny atmosphere with huge function. It showcases the simplicity as the basic look. That’s why all Scandinavian pieces are closely connected to modern style also emphasizing more on simple things. Known as one of most stunning trend recently, many people now adopt it as the partial theme or even the main concept of their home interior style. See our ten ideas of most favorite Scandinavian interior design that probably will be your inspiration.

Clean look wall always offers most ideal spot to decorate. Just with simple furnishing pieces in different color schemes, the wall will expose its simply grand outlook in particular angle. Add a little bit colorful accessories (like this decorative cage and tree) for more color richness. Also, an ethnic carpet is a good choice to break this colorless space.

Scandinavian style is always identical with white walls and light wood, but it doesn’t have to meet those roles. You may pick other light and neutral color schemes for your Scandinavian interior. Light grey, for instance. The space covered with gray shade exactly brings a stylish & modern look. Fabulous!

Scandinavian takes wood as one of most used elements, and you can pick it up as the dominant piece for your favorite corner. Let the wood displays its natural scheme, and the shabbier one sounds more interesting to add classic touch in your clean lined & simple room. Give special texture is another smart idea to break the sense of monotone commonly found in most Scandinavian concepts. How to break it? Just simply use hard-textured fabric on your bed treatment. But remember, keep placing the comfort as the main priority.

It’s a common to add monochromatic artworks to Scandinavian style. In this idea, it’s obvious that the rest of space is white and it is accented with monochromatic artworks and furnishings. I love seeing a simple piece of artwork among these black-white interior pieces.

It might be weird to include such textural color and pattern into a Scandinavian style that’s obviously identical with simple and clean look. The result is adorable. The color and pattern seem so obvious. Really stand out! Multiple shades, of course, will create the interest for all viewers.

Black is also commonly used in most Scandinavian concepts. It can help to highlight the chosen interior items (including furniture sets and their complementary pieces).

Take playful lighting as the focal point. Black-wired pendants with different height hung over the sink, for instance, sound interesting to implement. The lighting strikingly contrasts against the white subway-tiled wall, giving a dramatic and artistic look.

Blue and gray Scandinavian – a new innovative concept with Scandinavian as the main basic idea. This exactly gives us an out-of-box Scandinavian. The difference is only in color shades. The idea allows us to use other color shades as the major tone of our Scandinavian version. The shades aren’t limited only on black, white, and gray.

Put darker wood color in the middle of monochrome dominance. It creates an obvious statement, adding another textural color to this room.

Warm and luxurious. Golden shade on pendants and stools’ legs gives different tone in this Scandinavian home bar, a glowing color accent.

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