Senegalese Storage Baskets: Beautiful African Baskets Offering Interesting Details

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Do you find that your storage baskets displayed in your home are just boring and uninteresting? Well, an uninteresting storage basket can reduce the beauty of your room decoration. Therefore, let’s replace your old storage with Senegalese storage baskets as this storage has unique shape and attractive colors that will make your room appear fancy and striking. This beautiful pattern and shape just make you crush on it.

Senegalese storage basket is a handmade basket created by artists in Africa that has various stunning patterns and colors. This basket is very useful to store your messy stuff such as your children toys or your laundries so that they are well-organized.

This basket made of natural fiber dyed in natural colors that resulted in interesting patterns and motifs on its outlook. That’s why this basket is eco-friendly and safe in your home.

The price of this basket is quite expensive, ranging from $68 -$148. Nonetheless, it is a worth enough as you will love with its design beautified zig-zag pattern which can give a playful outlook in your room.

You can decorate it in a room in your house such as in your closet or simply decorate it on the corner of the room. To get more attractive decoration, you can decorate it together with a cute clothe hooks mounted on the wall.

These Senegalese storage baskets are available in different sizes and shapes so that you can choose which one that is fit for your need. If you buy a set consisting of three baskets at once, you will get a discount. You can get it by only $ 290.


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