Walk In Shower without Door in Recent

Perhaps it has attracted you that walk in shower without door has been becoming over few years. This shower model is now more common all around the world. Although it has been for centuries since its appearance, doorless shower has been increasing in popularity. Why? It is because it is beautiful, simple, and functional.

Walk in shower without door is various in names. Different place has its own name for this type of shower. Some people name it Roman shower and others call it roll-in shower. Among other different names, this shower is designed to not have a shower curtain or door. What are the advantages of using walk-in shower no door? The advantages are: it can be multi functional shower, it creates spacious look, it is an open bathroom spot, it can be so universal for any designs, it is less of water spots, and it offers luxurious spa-look like.

A walk in shower without door also presents several disadvantages. First advantage is it is limited in privacy. Second, it is potential for splashes into bathroom’s dry area. Third, it makes user easy to feel chilly. The last, doorless shower can damage from water steam and droplets.

Then, what are the tips in order to our walk in shower without door works optimally? Corner location is good option as one of the best spot for a doorless shower. Next, put the showerhead in strategic spot. Selecting anti-slip floor is most crucial point. Half-ways wall system must be applied for protecting the wall from water splashes. Make the shower floor lower to the water drains is the next tip. And select different material for shower is great idea to create attractive focal point and accent.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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