Simple Rules for Updated Window Treatments

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Just like hardware and lighting quality in home, curtains and shades also seem like the blazer that dramatically complete your home interiors. You can imagine that without proper curtains, the rooms feel like incomplete, unfinished, and even frumpy. This means windows need a special treatment. They need more than simple blind made of plastic. When you start thinking about the curtains, feel free to select the best ones that meet aesthetic and functional values as expected. With this consideration, all curtains you’ve seet will be more attractive.

To assist you in managing your new curtains before you install them, we want to share some rules you must know for installing your curtains or shades.

Some people probably like an airy and well-lighted space. To meet this situation, you need to choose the right curtains that can keep your privacy but still allow the natural light comes into your space. Yes, sheer fabrics are the best choice. The fabrics could give a sensation of natural breeze to your room without interrupting your privacy.

Separated curtain panels – this idea is well-recommended for multiple windows in large wall-space. When the curtains are closed, the extended curtains would be a wall-like with fabrics – creating an aesthetic repeation.

Inspired-Roman shade can also be another best choice when you don’t really like a floor-to-ceiling curtain. Select particular Roman shade that meets your personal style. Relaxed Roman shade, for instance, would create a timeless and chic appeal.

Hidden hardware of course looks much more attractive for minimalist and clean line look. The curtains are better if they are seemingly mounted to window frames.

Make sure that you’ve chosen the matched window curtains with your walls. Why? Because they stick together. Or you can do another alternative like selecting the window treatment that blends with the existed decor. This would be foolproof.

room separator like curtains in white


Wall-like curtains sound unique and interesting. Use this kind of curtains as room separator. This fortunately could be flexible to use. If you need more privacy, you just can spread out this ‘room separator’ and yes you already have privacy you want; and just take off the curtains for an open-concept space.

If you love the patterned ones, hang your curtains highest and spread them out wider, so they hang outside the frame of window when opened. Also, consider using the heavier fabrics like velvet and add the blackout liners as the accents. To make the curtains keep straight, just insert something weight in curtains’ hem.

Yes, rustic feels wilder yet warmer. It definitely presents natural manifest through color shades and textures. To make this idea real, natural material usage is recommended. The color shade, for instance, could be used to layer in the curtains.

If you are something-messy lover, this rule fits your style. The curtains with carefree effect sound good for you. The idea adopts a little bit relaxed bohemian for more dramatic effect and just let the lowest base of curtains lay over some inches on floors.

Updated hardware is the final consideration to get a trendy window treatment. There are so many kinds of window hardware and be sure that those fit your curtains.

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