Small Basement Bar Ideas

Like any rooms in your home, a basement bar should mirror the owner’s personal style. If your taste is classic and elegant, a basement bar with dark wood and marble/ granite may be the best choices for your bar. Granite or marble countertop truly offer luxurious, classy, elegant look to your bar, while dark wood bar’s base gives classic touch to your bar. Combine them with leather barstools to accommodate you and your guests visiting your home.

Talking more about the basement bar design, small basement bar ideas seem to be the only one option for you who only have limited space of basement. You can also adopt small basement bar if you are going to share your large basement into several parts of functions, such as game room, entertainment room/ family room, private fitness center, and other usable room.

Designing small basement bar ideas is not easy to do. There are some crucial points should be considered before starting to construct it. Choose the design or model matching for small or limited space. Consider the furniture, color schemes, lighting fixtures, floorings, and ceiling model to your mini basement bar. Make sure that these create best harmony and proportion after the bar has already been constructed.

Color schemes for small room like a small basement bar should be bright and cheerful color schemes. But the best one is white because it is perfect in tricking the eyes. White-painted wall bar will seem larger than the original. Installing the lighting fixture higher is also a brilliant solution to create the sense of higher on small bar basement’s ceiling. A lot of corner and L shape bar countertops are provided particularly for small bar designs. With these things, you will have amazing basement bar design and the size won’t be your problem anymore.


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