Small Bathroom Space Ideas

Small bathroom space has to be a perfect room. Creating a great decoration and design become your main challenge to explore your creativity more. Giving proper design and decor for your bathroom is important, because you don’t have to give many accessories in small space of bathroom. Small does not mean you can’t do anything, it is a great chance to give it your ideas and creativity.

One of good suggestion is about storage place. Use stairs to put your bathroom towel, it is simple and not spending your bathroom space too much. Small bathroom will be an amazing space with perfect designs of small bathroom and some of them really have uniqueness and creative of bathroom style.

You may choose a theme for your small bathroom, for example elegant room, natural room, or maybe simple and modern room. You don’t really need much things to decor your small space of bathroom, just put proper things according to its room style. Add creative decoration to your bathroom kids like mural or artwork, your kids will have so much fun time of taking a bath.

You can also apply small bathroom with closet concept. Closet is kind of small space in your house that can be used as any good space. You can copy its tips and trick to your small bathroom. Small bathroom is not an annoyed thing, it is a perfect thing for making wonderful design with limited area. You should love your bathroom whatever its size or shape.


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