Black and White Theme for Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

In a search for minimalist bathroom, many designers have come up with varieties of ideas and themes. As for minimalist style, devoid of unnecessary ornamentations and the accentuation of simple yet elegant structure have been the prominent characteristics. Thus, an Italian company, Ex.t., creates the black and white theme that is suitable for minimalist bathroom furniture.

The white and black color juxtaposes each other yet still stylishly offsets the combination. You may opt for white domination or black domination for the backdrop, and the opposing color for the furniture. The contrast created by the color will give a special accent to the entire style. As a way to maintain the minimalist force, the installment of structural feature, like geometrical shape of the storage can properly balance the rigidity of the entire look. In case you want to bring warmth to the bathroom, one or two pieces of embellishments can be tolerated, like pieces of wood pierced to a round pot which adds more visual interest and feeling of nature.

The black and white theme for your minimalist bathroom may appear boring as years come. This issue can be fixed by putting a single unsophisticated bathroom decoration which can easily be switched off to refresh the overall vibration. Another solution is the placement of the statement lighting for more dramatic experience within the bathroom. Proportional ornament and lighting is perfect combo to pump up the feel. In addition, this black and white theme intensifies elegance factor within the room that will carry appealing drama for your minimalist bathroom.


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