Tiny House Designs that Cool to Adopt

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A home with tiny space is hard to decorate but today many people know that a tiny house is challenging to have and can make a big statement in the future. Limited budget and manageable are two main reasons why a tiny house becomes the most favorite right now. Even, many experts predict that the smaller a house, more expensive it is (for about few years later). Well, to see more references of tiny house, here we’ve shared ten ideas of cool tiny house designs taken from one of favorite blog.

Create a mountain retreat. This idea comes up with the natural materials as the basic element of house. Here, we can find the organic wooden fills all exterior and interior facades. The house simply consists of an open space for three functional uses such as kitchen, living room, and bedroom on top of the kitchen. An outdoor dining space is the right choice to save the space of interior.

Inspired by a country cottage, this tiny house is designed in simple look. Inside the house, there are a country-style kitchen, bedroom, and living room, while the porch is larger; it’s enough for an outdoor dining space and a workspace. The designer intentionally puts a woodstove nearest the living room to keep everyone cozy and warm.

Luxurious, cozy, yet inexpensive. This small house is perfectly designed by Macy Miller. She cleverly sets the larger space for all practical rooms such as living room, kitchen, bathroom, kids’ room, and even master bedroom. Interestingly, there is a mini garden under the house, making the house so unique from the outside. The porch is furnished with a Papasan chair for the exterior accent.

Mini cottage with beautiful view, a dreamy house all people dream about. The house is small but everyone can directly see the blue ocean rightly through all full-clear-glass windows of the house, meaning that the designer wants all inhabitants feel the atmosphere outside anytime. So interesting.

This is the most unique one, a tiny house with the wings that can fly away. Yes, in some parts of exterior, we’ll find the segments that look like the wings have been growing. In fact, the house is simply a construction shaped in a square box with some floor-to-ceiling glass windows as the desert-gazing spot. The canvas spreading its wings is just the screen to protect the house from heat.

Really like a fairytale and wanna have a dream house as fancy as a fairytale castle, maybe this fairytale lighthouse will inspire you. The exterior walls are built from weathered shingles in gray and the wood beams are finished in red for the accent.

Calm and peaceful, this is what we feel when being in this house. Let’s see the exterior first; there is a railing system to protect the inhabitants when being in the porch. The railings are finished in wood color as same as the whole exterior walls. The exterior pillars, in addition, are painted in green for a fresh and natural look. I’m personally interested in the shingles use for the exterior walls; they obviously give the special texture. They’re more visually stunning with the wood finish that obviously expresses an earthy tone.

Minimalist and clean line, this house has lots of clear glass panels that let the natural light in massively. At night, through these windows, the inhabitants won’t regret to have the nicest stargazing moments and night glow. What a romantic!

Mini cottage among the pines. This house is specifically designed for kids and commonly used for holidays. To make the kids comfortable, the exterior and interior are set in kids-friendly; each box window is added a character and the most interesting thing is the patio’s floor has been designed in stripes like in Alice in Wonderland.

What a poppy colored house! It feels like in kindergarten school where we’ll find so many pop of colors such as pink, purple, green, blue, teal, etc. This house is also eco-friendly with some solar panels on the roofs, really recommended for you who like to start an earth-friendly lifestyle.

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