Inspiring Wall and Floor Decoration for Your Small Bathroom

Having small bathroom with limited space might become your biggest issue especially when you want to have aesthetic room that provides an overwhelming atmosphere. Actually, there are several ways to make your small room look bigger without overcrowding the space. One of them is to focus on wall and floor decoration. With the right wall and floor decoration, you will be able to create an airy atmosphere.

For walling design, pale color is a great option because it can provide adequate lighting effect and most importantly it can reflect more spacious feeling. You can also decorate the wall with a splash of bright color such as light yellow to give fresher look. To add the illusion of large space, you can hang a framed mirror on the wall and also install wall mounted light that can reflect its shine in the mirror so that the top part of the room will look brighter. Then, you can also place decorative floating shelves which are made of glass material. The clear material will enable you to reduce clutter and you can see the more organized room.

For the flooring department, you can install high quality tile with bright hues. Even though your limited room might have less space, you can still give it a sense of art by choosing unique floor pattern that can complement the whole decoration. You must ensure that the tile is easy to wash so that it won’t be easily ruined by water spills. If your bathroom interior features a shower, you can add bath mat that has shocking color to draw your family interest.

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