Wooden House Designs

House designs depend on its architecture and architecture comes from material that you use to build your house. Stone and wood are two famous materials for building a house. Some of modern house designs are made from concrete, strong and durable material to build up home wall. From those materials, wood is the most charismatic material. Why? It is because wood has flexible look that can be designed with unique way.

Wooden house designs are simple house design type just like any other house but wooden house surely is prettier on its appearance. If you want to have green house or natural house, then wooden house is perfect choice. Wooden house much looks like contemporary house, it can be modern house style if you can make unique wooden house shape and size. From the outside, wooden house may look rustic, but from the inside, you should make it modern and elegant.

Use the wooden house type maximally by creating combination of house material. Wall, roof, deck even stairs will be great to have wood material. Your house floor doesn’t have to be hardwood floor, when all those things are wood, you can use ceramic to give your floor awesome tile. If you live in natural environment, much of glass wall will give you awesome view from inside of the house.

Wooden house uses wood as your main home material building, so the first thing to check is about the wood quality. Best wood quality will make your wooden house survives for years. House designs with wood is also warmer than regular house designs, it is very helpful when winter comes.

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