3 Way Table Lamps

There will be something different if you don’t put any table lamps on your side table. Sometimes, it is not enough to have ceiling lamps only, but you need also good table lamps, especially if you need help to read your favourite novel clearly. Table lamps are also very useful when you don’t want to have bright lighting all over your room, especially your bedroom. Thousands of table lamps are available for you, including 3 way table lamps type.

3 way table lamps are kind of table lamps which have 3 different way to show off the light, usually it is related about the lamp shade. Why is it designed like that? First reason is about your need. Some people don’t like too much bright light, even from their own table lamps. So when you can switch the table lamps shade, you can choose any light shade type as you wish. The result of the light also depends on the table drum color.

Here is main useful function and also reason why you have to use 3 way table lamps. All people don’t have the same comfortable of view, especially lighting. Some people will love to have bright light, but other people will prefer to get warm light. So you don’t have t buy each of your family member different table lamps based on their comfort, you just have to adjust and switch the light shade of your 3 way table lamps.

3 way table lamps are special table lamps, surely the cost is higher than the common table lamps. Cost comes with the result, so you will feel more satisfy when you use it even if you have to spend your budget a little bit more.

Reference: www.destinationlighting.com

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