Show Your Expression by Adding Color to Your Interior

House is a place when you can express your feeling freely without any limitation and one thing that you can do to show it, is by adding some colors to your house. It will be beautiful if you can combine some colors instead of just one color inside your house. However, many people afraid of adding colors because they think the additional color must be bright or vibrant. In contrast, you can choose any color that you feel comfortable and suit to your preference even though it is neutral or muted.

Adding color can be done in many ways, including mixing neutral colors in one room. For example, if your living room has white wall, you can choose a cream sofa with gray cushions and light brown hanging lamps. It will be boring if all your furniture is also white. Therefore, by giving subtle hue in the interior, your living room feels more elegant without adding any bold colors. If you love muted color, pale green and mint painted wall can be your solution since it is near to neutral color. Metallic colors, such as gold, brass, and bronze are also a good choice because your living room will look warm and graceful. The metallic colors can be added in the coffee table and table lamp.

Adding flowers or tinted glass is another option that can add color to your colorless living room. Those items can blend well with the neutral background and enhance the overall ambiance. Colorful pillows on your sofa and rug with geometric or animal print also bring energetic feel.


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