Big-Scale Wall Statements that Instantly Can be Personalized by Yourself

colorful magnetic car mural idea

Some people love something decorative and big for creating a statement in their home, especially on walls. Fortunately, there are so many options of wall decors designed in big size, so they can be a focal point that offers a dramatic look to the space. If you’re really interested in


Bring Your Favorite Fashion Trends into Your Home

outdoor mat in round shape and in neutral color

Again – polka dots nowadays appear as the most popular fashion trend in the world. Previously, this 2D ball-like pattern has been forgotten and been left for a few years ago, but today it magically jumps onto super stylish trend that comes back in fashion world. Interestingly, polka dots are


Inspiring White Interior Ideas for Everybody’s Dreamy House

white interior staircase with white steps and white railings leave less houseplant on white pot

White is clean, pure, and beautiful. When it is applied for home interiors, the dazzling and impressing white will come to mind, creating a luxurious, bright, and peaceful outputs of interior. In this opportunity, I would like to share the most brilliant ideas of white house’s interiors complete with interior


Most Brilliant Ideas Taken from Inspiring Small Entryways for Homes

shabby entryway vintage fiberglass seats ethnical carpet natural fiber basket decorative wall mirror with gold toned frame

Living in a limited space of house without figuring out the entryway often happens, but actually it isn’t a big matter. There are so many ways to add a little space just for hanging up your coats and putting down your boots & shoes properly, making that space be an


Hottest Trends for Modern Bathrooms

patterned tiled floors with blue and white white bathtub wood stool houseplant in wood vase skylight stainless steel fixtures

Based on my experience of observing the modern bathrooms, I find what’s new of designer’s way to design the sophisticated bathrooms. From the following ideas, I would like to share just few of designs of bathroom trends that probably will be your inspiration for your next project. Let’s check them


Patterned & Colorful Tile Trends: Be Ready to Get Much Visual Interest to Your Home

Mexican tiled flooring idea with golden yellow and deep red tones

Patterned & colorful tiles are great elements to create a statement in homes. They will be visually beautiful whether contemporary or traditional, and seem to be a continuing trend for years ahead. Their various geometric patterns, of course, add a visual interest, even when featured with any existed color schemes.


Bring New Arabian Flavor Instantly just with Moroccan Flair to Your Modern Interiors

Mediterranean Moroccan bedroom idea dark finished Mashrabiya wood panel lantern shaped pendants in blue white bedding treatment flower pillowcased pillows dark neutral Moroccan pillow

The Moroccan’s traditions, customs, and home decorating style have passed and we maybe just hear a lot about it. For you who really love and miss it, I’ve ready collected and shared the unique Moroccan heritage through ten best displays of Moroccan style implemented in homes. To make it much


Create The Exotic & Sunny Flavor with These Vibrant Yellow Ideas

half way painted door in yellow and white blue radiance sofa multicolored throw pillow cowhide rug medium toned wood floors

When we’re talking about yellow, our mind directly wanders off sunshine, lemons, and flowers. For home, yellow is applicable for any interior pieces, including the accents, accessories, walls, and even furnishings. Its existence brings cheerfulness, brightness, and fun atmosphere, and interestingly it helps us to create a great infusion of


Create The Most Impressive Wall Treatment just With These Trendiest Wallpaper Ideas

colorful teardrops wallpaper idea bold green plastic chair unique silver side table vintage telephone in orange round shaped wall clock with green frame

It has been long time that wallpaper is included as one of important parts in home treatment. There are so many options of wallpaper for your home and you can mix and match based on your personal taste and preference. The latest wallpaper trends offer much significant transformation to any


Perform High-End Concrete Finish with A Bit Rustic to Your Home with These Inspiring Ideas

modern rustic living room with concrete walls wood windows' trims wood stair's railings exposed wood beams earthy brown leather chaises textural blue white rug floating wood credenza with handcra

What will you do if you see a luxurious and grand space with high end concrete finish & rustic? It must be awesome, but then we’re gonna think about how the furniture, rug, and interior accessories? Do we need the expensive ones? But we worry that we can’t afford them?