Need Stylish & Functional Fence System for Your Home? These Wooden Fences Ideas are the Best Choices

modern wood fences with lot of sections

Wooden fences are mostly decorative but they can also be protective by adding security features on them. Design also affects what actually the fences are created for. For security guard, the designer prefers higher ones; they’re also built with pointed shape on each top panel. We just need to add


Cool Corner Sink Designs: Best Options that Won’t Let Your Corner Space Abandoned

double corner sink in cream tone cream toned window shutters small plantations on pots

Corner sink for kitchen becomes the best solution for you who feel confused about the corner space which sometimes it is left empty and less-useful. With these inspiring corner sinks I’ve collected from the best online sources & experts’ designs, it’s the right time for you to transform and to


Bookshelf Trends You’ll Wanna Copy to Your Home

shift bookshelf idea made of dark finished wood

Bookshelves styling is the part of art. We can express the idea through particular objects we love the most like the bookshelves. The design we choose exactly presents our personal style, and here are the best designs of stylish bookshelves I personally take from the most recommended online sources. I


Creative Flower Arrangements for Exteriors that Bring A Blossoming Setting

PVC Pipe planters for decorative flowers

Flower arrangements for exteriors aesthetically add special beauty. There are so many ideas of flower arrangements you may adopt for more trendy and stylish home exteriors, but in this page, I just wanna share those potentially applicable for small or limited space of exteriors where we often get much difficulty


Top Ten Garden Trends Inspired from Pro Gardeners

minimalist garden setting idea green bed in white subway tile planters

Wanna have garden or something fresh & green in your home? Yes, you’re in right place. Whether you wanna upgrade the garden you’ve already had or re-design a new garden, we have collected top garden trends inspired from pro gardeners and experts. Feel the peacefulness among these blossoming flowers. Take


Curtains, The Window Treatments You’ll Love for Trendy & Stylish Living Room

drop curtain with wood hanger

The use of curtains in living room is optional; they’re installed for functional and aesthetic purposes. As the protector, the pieces of curtains block too-much sunlight entering the room, and aesthetically, the curtains show off a special beauty through their detailed patterns and colors. If you wanna try to freshen


Affordable yet Stylish Mid Century Modern Furniture: Best Solution for Limited-Budget Home Decorating Project

mid century modern chair with dusty pink upholstery and wood construction

Interior & exterior without furniture is nothing. Furniture is a ‘life’ of home that brings a crucial role either functional or aesthetic issues. We have so many options of furniture for home and those come in various design, style, and finishing. Among those products, mid century modern furniture now begins


Vintage Home Furnishings Won’t be Faded

pale toned drop leaf table for entryway brass framed wall mirror metal candle stands

Vintage won’t fade away. The style seems to be a long-last trend loved by most people in current days. most people say vintage is closely connected to antique or old-school things, and now it interestingly becomes the part of our lifestyle, especially when relating to personal taste. It then leads to


Best Colors for Small Bathrooms, Which One’s Your Choice?

modern rustic bathroom modern white bathtub concrete bathroom vanity gray framed vanity mirror ladder rack

Small bathroom isn’t a trouble if we decorate it in right way. The color and layout options become the most crucial thing to make it comfortable when used. Any color schemes actually can fit limited-space bathroom, but we need to choose the right color combination producing at least a larger


Unique & Adorable Interior Stairs for Modern Homes

floating wood stairs with bubles addition

Interior stairs are designed for connecting the downstairs and upstairs. But what’s in your mind if the stairs are designed in unusual shape? It’s not only unique, but also aesthetically interesting. Such stairs design, of course, takes people’s interest, especially those who really love functional as well as stylish stairs.