Antique Wooden Bakers Rack

One of great decorative furniture for your kitchen, dining room, or living room is bakers rack. Bakers rack is different from cabinet or hutch. Bakers rack is simple in shape and size. It can be made by combination of wood and metal. Bakers rack usually has some racks on the top part, then the bottom part consist of drawers or large rack for baskets or boxes.

Bakers rack has two common styles, modern and classic. How do we know the one is classic and the one is modern? You can consider the bakers rack style from its color, its material, and its pattern. Modern bakers rack will have black and white color on its surface without too much decorative pattern on its metal frame. Classic bakers rack is very woody with its wood looks and stylish model on its frame.

Classic bakers rack with woody style is the most favourite bakers rack of all. Antique wooden bakers rack looks unique. This kind of bakers rack is not only use wood, but also metal for its rack too but still looks wonderful with its awesome wood material. Bakers rack may have two functions in your home as furniture. First function is decorating your room, and the second function is about the storage place for your stuffs.

As a decoration, you can some accessories on your bakers rack, for example fresh plants and flower on its rack. As a storage place, bakers rack is perfect to put your dining room stuffs like plate, glass, and many more. You don’t have to worry about its price, some bakers rack are very affordable for small budget.


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