The Favorites at Architectural Digest Home Designs Show 2015

Architectural digest home designs show 2015 was held in New York City. It is the first time such expo existed in NYC in this year. It, of course, lives up the home designs lovers in NYC and other countries all around the world. Perhaps, you have big curiosity of interior home designs showed off at this home design show, here are some that become the favorites at architectural digest home designs show 2015.

First favorite at architectural digest home designs show 2105 is material lust. The material has geometry patterns and made from Satin. It is used as the stylish table lamp. Second one is AVO. AVO is a hand painted stuff including pillows covers and leather rugs. AVO is actually a name of brand made by Brit Kleinman. AVO brand is also applied on an Ovis chair. Ovis chair is a classic chair that uses hand painted leather cover for seat feature. The chair is strapped to pale tone-color maple frame and metal.

Lighting fixture made by DAMM is another favorite exhibited at architectural digest home designs show 2015. The lighting is very unique. The lighting has three dimensions hang over the stem base. There is also another cool and unique lighting found at the show. It is an Artemis lighting which has arrow shapes hanging as clusters. A pendant lighting named Line 20-Light also colorize the show.

Pillows, bedding, and other clothing stuffs with abstract patterns named Dusen Dusen look so interesting over other textiles products. The arrangements of Spectrum Candles also catch the visitors’ eyes. Why? They not only have beautiful color, but they also have good and relaxing scent. And beautify your wall system with unique-patterns wallpapers from Wolfum.


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