Creating A Nice Bathroom Design With Several Different Materials

In term of functionality, a nice bathroom must serve as a place where you can rest your body to get new fresh body and mind. Therefore, you need to feature some pieces of furniture to support the idea of providing relaxing space for your body. Placing cabinets or drawers near the sink will enable you to have additional storage. For smaller room, you can also creating floating shelves system that will save more space as they can organize your stuffs into the neat one. To create the illumination of larger room, you can place a giant mirror above your sink. By placing the large mirror, you can also make a better lighting concept as your mirror can reflect the light to the whole room.

Bringing green element to your bathroom is also essential because it will please your eyes. You can put giant potted plant near the window or in the corner of the room. When you have enough with the knowledge about bathroom decoration and the layout that suitable with your bathroom, it is time for you to think about the materials to build your dream bathroom. Choosing the right materials will help you to make the bathroom look stand out and extravagant. Since your bathroom need to be clean, choosing tile material will make a great choice.

Tile enables you to choose plenty option of colors and style especially for the flooring department. Square tile with darker hues might be the best option for the flooring because it will reduce the appearance of dirt. Gray or black are popular for the flooring because they are neutral to be combined with another color. And the last, you can choose decorative faucets and shower heads with gold accent that can invite more extravagant scene to the room.



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