Bathroom Tub Shower

As an important room in your home, you should make useful bathroom for your family. There are many things that a bathroom should have. Sink, mirror, storage place like cabinet, shelf, or drawer, rug, shower, tub, even plants for getting fresh bathroom air. Most of essential for bathroom is its tub and its shower space area.

Bathroom Tub Shower Creative Idea

People will usually separate their tub and their shower in different section, but it is almost impossible for small bathroom type. Bathroom with small space needs evolution of room design. Brilliant idea to solve this problem is combining your bathroom tub and your bathroom shower in one place area only. It is commonly called tub shower.

Bathroom tub shower is a bath tub with a shower above, stick on the wall directly above the tub. You can use your tub in two useful, as a tub for lying down and a shower area to have warm and fresh shower water. Complete your tub shower with a cover like curtains or glass door. Glass door will make your tub shower looks luxury and elegant.

Tub shower is a creative idea for two main things in a bathroom. Your tub doesn’t have to be large and big, it should be comfortable for you to lie down inside perfuming and relaxing water soap. You can also apply tub shower design to your kid’s bathroom, showing them how good bathroom design looks like. Saving your small bathroom space is required, surely you don’t want to have uncomfortable bathing time in your own house.


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