Beautiful Linen Café Curtains for Windows

Café curtains offers semi-privacy since the length of the curtain is shorter than the formal floor length and hang on a rod across the middle of the window. Actually, café curtains were used in cafes and coffee shops. However, now, café curtains become popular for home kitchen or other rooms in your house. Besides, the appearances of café curtains can be very stylish in an informal way. The materials and colors can range from solid to print, sheer to opaque, and colorful to neutral. Here are some examples of beautiful linen café curtains for the windows.

Linen Café Curtain with a scalloped top is a gorgeous café curtain made from LaFortune Linens Shop. It is a handmade item with 100% of linen and drapery buckram at the top to offer a nice finished appearance. Besides, various colors are available, so you can order the color that you like. Other example is Shabby Chic Cotton Linen Café Curtain. It is valance with crocheted floral pattern and tassel trim at the bottom. The materials are cotton and linen blend with cotton thread. Because it is a handmade item and made by order, you can choose its length from 30 cm up to 60cm. Another example of beautiful linen café curtains are Wide Café Curtain in White and Ecru from Linen and Letters Shop. An ecru colored sheer linen is made for the body of the curtain and the panel finishes with a row of cotton lace trim. The other examples are in these pictures below.


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