Build Contended and Stunning Patio and Pathways with Best Brick Paver Patterns

Garden is a part of house which can be used as a refreshment place since it is dominantly decorated with green plants and beautiful flowers. Thus, you need to decorate it as beautiful as you can in order to get the contented and enjoyable place for relaxing. There are several things that you can do to make the garden look fresh such as arranging of the plants, providing entertaining features and also decorating the patio. In this article, we will share you about decorating brick paver patterns that is suitable for garden and patio.

The brick pavers are very useful for creating great landscaping outlook in the garden, especially for pathways or a patio. The brick paver will give more valuable accent to the pathways and patio since the brick pavers are able to be decorated in various patterns which will provide different outlook. In addition, the material of brick paver has rough textures on its surface so that it is remarkable to be designed for foot step without being afraid to be slipped.

Before choosing the brick paver patterns , there are several things that you need to prepare. The basic preparation is making a drainage plan as all the brick pavers need some bases and a drainage system for water. Attempt to consider placing some gravels and sands for the layer to drain the water well. Then, choose the pattern that you want to display and also the repetition of the paver arrangement. You can choose basket weave, herring bone, circle or other patterns. After selecting the best brick paver pattern, it’s time to decorate the edge of the brick paver pattern for final finishing.


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