Black and White Living Room Furniture Ideas, The Recommendations for Beautiful Bold & Contrasting Look in Living Room

contemporary & formal living room black leather formal sofas gray area rug clean lined round top center table in white dark wood board floors Bagnato Architecture

Black and white always creates a contrast and bold statement. Their contrast even makes them beautiful and stunning among other interior pieces. This is the reason why most people love these color schemes and keep using them as the primary part of their lovely home.

There are so many ways to implement black and white to home remodel project, and one of them is to pick these color schemes for the living room furniture. Black and white living room furniture will be interesting if we combine them with the right schemes in right proportion to achieve a cohesive and harmonious look. And fortunately, black and white combination is able to make the room harmonizes by its own. That’s so amazing.

Below, I would like to show you just ten ideas of black and white living room furniture you can choose for your next living room remodel project. I wish the ideas could be best references as well as inspiration for you. Let’s start checking them out.

Striped black and white isn’t bad to make your living room stands out. Apply it on non-primary pieces like throw pillows and area rug. They will keep being a centerpiece of room due to their contrasting scheme.

The black tone here is obviously recognized on the coffee table and some throw pillows. Not really dominant but stay attractive, displaying a good balance due to the precise-portion implementation.

The couches looks so cozy and stylish, but the coffee table really takes my interest. The table is obviously made of marble and designed in clean lined and modern. It’s beautiful as what it is. Black throw pillows here also give a special rich of color, especially for these light-tanned couches.

Striped black-white rug is the centerpiece of room, a good pair for white lounge chair. The coffee table is also so lovely. Its mirrored base, I can say, is a clever point that perfectly reflects the stripes on rug.

Make a simple centerpiece just by optimizing the placement and color of furnishings. This room brings the white chairs and black table show their grand beauty. The classic white on tub chairs really enhances the whole dark interior, including the charcoal walls.

The room decor consists of classic and vintage pieces finished in dark-neutral palettes, especially black and white. Black leather on classic loveseat and modern couch plus facing chaise beautifully contrasts with classic white on metal-wired chair and rug.

Black sofas and white coffee table, a good choice offering a good balance in room. Complete them with gray area rug to make the space more formal but cozier.

An industrial living room with black and white decor idea. Full-height bookcase is really impressing, and L-shaped modern couch with under storage impresses me more. Its double function allows us to own a comfy seating area as well as an effective storage option.

An eclectic living room in Dallas. The old black-finishing console and side table surprisingly gives an antique look when featured with such sleek white seats. It’s well recommended for you who want to highlight your antiques set together with more modern furnishings.

traditional living room vertical black white striped curtains wooden side table white sofas monochromatic rug glass top coffee table wood chair with zebra print seat


Simple and homey living room focusing on monochrome color scheme and simply modern pattern. At glance, the room is dominated by black and white but actually there is a bit warmth brought by wood. The color combination, black & white, naturally brings modern, while the wood prettily adds the natural and warm feel.

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