Various Samples of Built in Cabinet Around Fireplace

Building a fireplace in a house is an easy thing, but when it comes to combining fireplace with built in cabinet it is a bit difficult to do. Built in cabinet around fireplace has large size to make. This cabinet is joined with the wall. in this case the writer would like to show you some various built in cabinet around fireplace.Perhaps, this post can help you to build one.

Built in cabinet is always made of wooden material. You can see in the picture there is a white wooden cabinet with some nice decoration. this cabinet has not doors at all, because it is kind of bookshelf. This built in cabinet is placed at the right and left side of a fireplace. This seems modern built in cabinet with fireplace because above the fireplace there is a big screen television. However, another same concept built in cabinet has doors on the cabinet. With a nice photo frame decoration, this cabinet around fireplace looks so wonderful.

The other built in cabinet has classic design with brick stone fireplace concept. This built in cabinet uses wooden material painted in brown coloring with some unique stuffs inside. The fireplace uses brick wall design with a small media console and a television. This built in cabinet around fireplace looks so perfect for classic living room. Moreover, it will be perfect when you have such a wooden tiles flooring design.

Thus, if you prefer the best concept, you would rather build a built in modern cabinet with classic traditional wall bricking fireplace. This fireplace looks so classic but the cabinet around it has very modern design. Most of the fireplace concept has a television rack above it. You can put everything inside the cabinet such as books, accessories, photo frame, flower, and etc.


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