Selecting the Right Color for House Exterior? Find the Tips Here!


Your house exterior color is getting unexciting and you are just clueless on choosing the perfect new color. Alright, readers! If you are experienceing the same issue, you’re just on the right place. Here I am going to give you some helpful tips to opt for the right color palette for your house exterior.

Look around your neighboorhod. First thing to consider when selecting the house color is to look around your neighborhood. Observe what color palette is mostly used by the houses around you. It does not necessarily mean you can paint your house in similar color with your neighbors. I would rather suggest you to not do it. Yet, when you notice that the houses around you go with neutral colors, it would be awkward if you paint your house pink, unless yuu live in townhouse in Miami.

Consider your house style. Variety of house styles, from Victorian to Modern style, have their own characteristics including the color pallete. Modern house would look fabulous in neutral shade as simplicity with less details becomes their primary feature. For Victorian style, vivid colors can be a good complementary for their complex details. It may be a little bit distressing, yet doing research on colors that your house style is traditionally painted can be extremely helpful.

Go bold for accent. Probably you feel so desperate to color the house with uncommon or bold color, I am not here to tell you that you’re not allowed to. You can totally be free to go for the bold shade, yet use it for accent. Paint the front door or the window and door frame with it will be fine. Do you find these tips helpful? Let me know by leaving your comment!



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