Perfect Courtyard for Private House – Way of Decorating

Too many people deserve to have a cool house where they can take their deep contemplation. It must share serene nuance, and also relaxing vibe to release all the depressed feeling. Not only the interior, exterior design must be considered as well. To enjoy the private house with full of fun, garden or courtyard is important to design. several perfect courtyard for private house designs become the part of the show!

It looks like recessed courtyard idea with some stairs leading to the rooftop of the private house. the zig zag arrangement of the stairs brings awesome look to shape both texture and pattern to the yard. Right on the wooden banquette added with gray bolster, people may gather and share the experience comfortably!

Another yard steals the sense of tropical appeal with full green natural appeal poured to the design. some floating concrete plates are added to the pond with close to green water tone. White wooden deck becomes the yacht to enjoy the nuance benath the transparent canopy protecting from direct sunlight.

The next one is an awesome courtyard for private home design which takes place up on the rooftop. Aside of some pool chairs and white sofa, two wire chairs are added for casual need. Sitting here with a bottle of wine is kind of blast!

Meanwhile, to have free space to navigate around, it the the super large courtyard idea with floor pillow for seating best serving. Aside of the floor pillow, bench with cushions and also hanging chair become the wonderful part of the space to hang out!


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