Design Your Own Landscape

Designing your own landscape can be an amazing project you will ever think before. And the early fresh New Year is the best time to do that. Well, to get the best result, we will share about five simple steps how to design your own landscape.

First, create the base map. If you have decided which part of outdoor area you are going to use as landscape design, sketch that area by giving the marks or lines. Make a house’s orientation, path, and driveway. Don’t forget to measure all corners of house to get properly boundaries. Second, make the basic inventory of landscaping properties. Make a note of weaknesses and strengths for each property. Also, note all possibilities of significant landscape features, such as shady spots, sunny spots, drainage systems, prevailing winds, good or poor views, vegetation sets, and many others.

Third step of how to design your own landscape is draft the preliminary design and transfer your design into a base camp. Another option is you can colorize the different features to create visual reference. Then, show your design to a professional or gardener. Make sure that you don’t have missed something that can cost you later.

The last, make budget estimation. Be realistic and don’t let the money burdens your creativity. Prioritize what you want most. Making a good landscape is not difficult, but it needs definite process. To be easier in drafting the landscape design, here we give you the pictures showing the steps how to design your own landscape.


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