Deck Cover Ideas

Most people surely love enjoying the days inside and outside space of home. Big doors, glass windows, patios, porches, decks, balcony, living rooms, family rooms, and other home spaces are often be favorite spots where we’re gathering with people we love. Deck becomes one of favorite outdoor spots where we can relax, drink a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the beauty outside. To protect and to shade us from sun rays and rain, we need best deck cover installation. This cover has a role of covering and shading everything on deck. Too much warmth when we’re taking seat and relaxing in our deck isn’t fun and comfortable.

Like other exterior features, there are a lot of deck cover ideas (types and styles). Each style will be functional to your home style, budget, and requirement. And let’s see what else the deck cover ideas we are going to share.

First deck cover idea is umbrella. This is the most common and basic deck or patio cover. The umbrella particularly designed to shade the deck is freestanding one. But most recent, there is more new design of umbrella for deck shading. This one is the umbrella integrated directly with the table or chair on deck. Commonly, such deck shade is specified for small seating group which is consist one or two chairs only. Wider umbrella on deck is mean for much more chairs.

Pergola is the second deck idea you can take as your new deck shade/ cover. This type of home deck cover is extremely contrast to portable and movable umbrella. It is a built-in shade structure and it comes in various sizes, styles, and cost ranges. The styles discovered in home deck suppliers include traditional/ classic, modern/ contemporary, minimalist, rustic, and others. The cost ranges will depend on the finishings, materials, sizes, and styles. Most pergola deck covers are highly expensive, it well suggested selecting low-maintaining but long last material, such as fiberglass, acrylic board, and wood. Lattice and integrated deck covers are other two deck cover ideas that also offer attractive and functional terms.


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