Creative Design of DIY Pendant Light for Rooms

Do you know what pendant light is? Pendant light is kind of light which has special design and it is hanged on the ceiling. Pendant light is more becoming a decoration rather than for room lighting. So, it is not strange when you see many pendant lights which have various concept.

However, to make this kind of pendant light is not too difficult, you can create your own pendant light. You maybe curious, so let us see the pictures showed in this article. The first sample of DIY pendant light can be made using metal material. As you can see in the picture, this pendant light is so unique and adorable. The metal frame of this pendant light seems very suitable for modern home decoration.

It also use nice small chains as the hanger. Let us compare with other DIY pendant light which has simple design. This pendant light has three model with glass cover design. The glass cover must be transparent, so you can see the lamp from the outside. This pendant light also uses chain to hang it on the ceiling. The best way to have a pendant light is by putting it on the ceiling exactly above a dining table. This concept is commonly used by the people around the world.

They would rather decorate their dining table with a pendant light on ceiling. Even though, actually this pendant light is just a decoration which is rarely turned on. Somehow, making a pendant light is very easy, you just need to be creative. For example, you can create a pendant light with paper craft design. You make some nice paper craft like a ball with flower decoration and then you put a lamp inside the pendant light. This is the simplest way to have such a nice DIY pendant light at your home.


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