Interior with Double Accent Wallpaper – Smart Choices

What is the easiest way to transform your interior wall? Sometimes, paint becomes a lot more practical and easier to upgrade interior look in a short of time. it is like an instant way to get quick transformation renewing the interior. However, there is still another way that you should know. Yeah, wallpaper is much more quicker and of course the price is also lower. Then, what it would be if you have two wallpaper accent in one room? it is a brand new style of interior decoration, and you have to look at several pictures below!

In a retro living room idea, it draws so many colors inside including the yellow sofa, the blue and yellow coffee table, and also the navy blue cushions on the white wing chairs before the fireplace. In addition, to make the room more and more playful, the wall is decorated with brown wallpaper which is plain and patterned. So, there are two different wallpaper that cover the wall stylishly!

Another idea of double wallpaper accents in the living room is the one in scandinavian interior design. it is much more similar to the retro style, but the tone is bit softer anyway. Blue sofa and stripe blue couch complete the vibe with gray painted wall and blue gray wallpaper decoration! It is so beautiful!

Further, in a winter mood interior design, you can find double wallpaper accent too. They are plain white wallpaper and also the one with black waterdrop pattern. the result is truly stunning to mirror the snowflakes outside but in stylish way!


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