Over the Door Basket Storage – the Nuance of Functional and Ornamental

Bringing furniture inside must be followed by creative thought how to make it functional and also ornamental. So, the interior is not just stuffy, but some accent will create such kind of appealing nuance and look. From color choice to unique design usually become the core of consideration. But, there is another way to achieve both function and decoration, it is optimizing minimal space with cute storage. Over the door basket storage is the perfect example!

Having brown rattan basket in your home is great to make them in line over the door. Arranging them in vertical line on double iron pipe in black tone will contrast the white wooden door. They will be useful and easy to reach storage to put some wool inside. Aside of beautiful look, the baskets give texture as well!

To bring winter mood into the interior, it is best to paint the basket in white. So, it will melt onto the white door perfectly. Of course, don’t let the black iron pipe crontrasts your effort, so it will better to paint the frame too. Installing the over door basket storage in the kitchen is helpful to store the table ware!

Aside of rattan basket storage, wire racks are other design that fit the area over the door. It appears slimmer than the rattan, so the space must contain more storage! Isn’t it great?

Further, another style seems to cheat on sack mode made of grat cloth. Still it needs metal frame to stick the storage over the door. So simple and adorable!

Reference: www.bedbathandbeyond.com

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