Stunning Concept of Drapes for Bay Window

Do you know what drapes is? Drapes is actually similar to Curtain, but most American call curtain as drapes. How many drapes design do you know so far? The writer suggests a lot. Yes, it is true that there are so many kinds of drapes design in this world. Therefore, in this special discussion, the writer would like to conduct about some samples of wonderful drapes for bay window. This can be your inspiration for you to have nice drapes concept.

Drapes for bay window can have just like curtain for common window. The actual thing is that you can apply window bay drapes with common window drapes anyway. It is just a bay window drapes needs a curved rod forming a bay concept. So, what about the drapes design? the drapes that can be applied for bay window must have nice cloth and coloring. For example, you can see in the picture there is a drapes with green soft coloring concept. This drapes is such a adorable drapes for your home window decoration.

For the drapes design, it depends on how large is your bay window. You may have two or more than three door window that may need bigger drapes. Thus, suppose you have small bay window with small window door, you just need small drapes as well. it is just like a drapes showed in the picture. There is a bay window with red drapes. The motive of the drapes is pretty stunning with flowery decoration.

Perhaps, you do not want to apply such a big drapes for your window. In this case, you might just need a simple top drapes concept. So, you just decorate the window rod with small short hanged drapes. You may choose the best drapes motive so it will look fantastic and adorable, even though it is just small drapes.


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