No-More-Boring Stylish Filing Cabinets

Designing an office room can be very challenging. An office room should be totally functional but at the same time needs to be very comfortable without looking boring since it can be the place where you spend most of your daily time. While there are a lot of options for office desks, tables and chair, finding filling cabinets for both function and style can be tricky and challenging. Here come six stylish filling cabinets that will increase cheerful vibe during your working hours.

The first is TPS File Cabinets by CB2 which comes out with neutral and pop color options such as lime green and red. The cabinet top can be space for pencil and other office supplies. Its molded handles and the entire modern look are the product’s strength. The next selection for stylish filling cabinets for your office room is Drawer File Cabinet by Bisley 3 which is said as a leader in office storage. These lockable cabinets win in terms of quality. Room and Board Align can be the next perfect option that can be easily integrated with living room decoration. The dark wood color will surely increase warmth to your office room.

Steel Desk Cabinet by MUJI is another excellent choice for stylish filing cabinets what will not let your office room get boring. The cabinets provide the balance of quality and price. With its milky white color, it represents the company’s minimalistic design sense. If you are looking for another minimalist type of filing cabinets that also looks stylish then you can choose Filing Cabinet No. 1 from Blu Dot which is lockable and features casters making it easily moveable. Its handle-less drawers may be the most favorite feature among buyers. The last top choice for stylish filing cabinets is Pratt File Cabinet from West Elm which reflects strong sense of mid-century period that will be perfectly integrated with an office room with less modern decoration.


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