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trendy & small home office neutral dots wallpaper built in working desk in white modern working chairs with wheels open shelf in white Shift Interiors

Eclectic Home Office Design Dark Wood Working Desk Dark Wood Working Chair Vines Wallpaper With Flowers Light Wood Floors Warm Toned Curtains
Bamboo Wallpaper Ladder Shelves Medium Toned Wood Floors White Working Desk Traditional Working Chair
Red Scallops Wallpapers Simple White Working Desk Red Free Standing Cabinets With Printer Floor Lamp With White Lampshade
Elegant & Classy Home Office With Black Wallpaper And Gold & Silver Accents Black Leather Working Chairs Glowing Black Working Desk
Contemporary Small Home Office Zingy Colorful Office Wallpaper Modern Wooden Working Desk Modern Working Chair In Beige
Large Contemporary Home Office Wooden Freestanding Desk Wooden Credenza Medium Toned Wood Floors Multicolored Wallpaper Recessed Shelf With Black Background
Green Fun And Modern Office Wallpaper Black Finished Computer Desk Black Framed Mirror Glass Top Working Desk Modern White Working Chair Monochromatic Rug Bay Window With Bench
Transitional Home Office L Shaped Working Desk Made Of Dark Wood Green Area Rug Green Office Wallpaper Built In White Cabinets Clear Acrylic Chairs
Contemporary Home Office Wood Finish Working Desk Wood Finish Cabinets Gold Floral Wallpaper With Black Colored Background Dark Wood Floors
Trendy & Small Home Office Neutral Dots Wallpaper Built In Working Desk In White Modern Working Chairs With Wheels Open Shelf In White

For few people, it’s important to have their own space for working at home (home office). With a home office, they can work in their private space optimally. They can also keep focusing on their jobs without any disturbance, noise, or even some crowds usually found in most numbers of offices. In this case, interior design plays important role in stimulating and driving motivation & spirit for working harder when being at home. Patterns and colors can be the primary issues to help creating good mood and atmosphere.

Office wallpaper particularly isn’t a standard element for the home offices but with attractive patterns & colors, it can help ‘shaping’ the space and adapts to particular job requirements. In addition, office wallpaper designed personally can provide much of relaxation. Here, I would like to share top ten of office wallpaper ideas taken from some sources. I wish these ideas could be your inspirations or references when you’re gonna remodeling/ building a home office.

Add personal style to your home office. The office wallpaper, for instance, can be the reflection of your personal style that then is implemented into your private working space. Floral wallpaper with golden color scheme looks so great with black background. Feature it with something natural like this wooden furniture that offers the natural warmth.

For achieving subtle effect, the designer uses lots of neutral dots to give conducive space. The color choice and pattern are so comfortable for eyes.

Make your home office more fun and fresher just with such green wallpaper. Green here can give the positive vibe and relaxing sensation. The decorative plants on desk also help creating a refreshing atmosphere that effectively cool down your mind and recharge your energy.

Add fun & fancy wallpaper to your private workspace. The wallpaper is inspired from flora and fauna around us and the color is also adopted from the nature.

Zingy prints are likely bringing a spring in your home office. Use bright and cheerful colors on them and enjoy full of joys while working your jobs. Furnish the space with comfy pieces to support your daily activities in your lovely home office. That must be enjoyable.

Multicolored wallpaper with small pattern always becomes the best choice for such large home office. Wooden furniture pieces, including a freestanding desk, bring natural and ‘warm’ look in this room. A recessed shelf, additionally, is a direct focal points here.

Such kind of wallpaper is a way to be obviously subtle in instant. It blends perfectly with the room, creating a balance especially with the curtains and furniture pieces.

Crowded, colorful, but cute – This wallpaper represents modern preference owned by the client. Maybe it can be called a charmer.

Use timeless black wallpaper with geometric patterns to impress yourself, a simple way to create elegance. With silver & gold accents, this home office looks so exclusive and classy.

Bring the nature through wallpaper to your private working space. This bamboo wallpaper, for example, simply gives the nature appeal, and the couple of ladder shelves empower that value.

The wallpaper is called the red scallops. Sure, this space will always become a fun spot for executing your jobs.

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