Wonderful Fireplace Mantel Design and Decoration

If you live in a cold area such a pole or around a mountain, you must built a fireplace inside your house. This fireplace is important to warm up the room, especially living room. Well, each fireplace must also have a mantel anyway. Therefore, in this post the writer would like to discuss about fireplace mantel decoration for home design. You will see some pictures of fireplace with mantels in this article.

Let us see a nice fireplace which has modern design in the picture. This fireplace is made of adorable tough concrete wall with white accent. Thus, this fireplace has simple small mantel with cool concept. In addition, the mantel is decorated with some candles decoration. The other sample showed has the same modern design but it has larger size by the way. The body of this fireplace is made of wood with white accent. It has small mantel above the fireplace and has some stuffs for the decoration.

The other fireplace has classic design with brick stone wall concept. This classic fireplace is so adorable with colorless design. However, this fireplace has wooden mantel with small design anyway. This is perfect for you classic living room decoration. The other same classic fireplace also has mantel, but it is larger with wooden made. However, the fireplace is built with red brick concept with adorable design. Some of the other mantels are used for placing a photograph. However, actually you can put the other decoration such as flower in a vase, or a nice wreath hanged on the mantel wall. This is the best design for making your mantel look good.

reference: houzz.com

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