Floating Media Console: A Way to Display Your TV with Pride

Floating media console is wonderful furniture to be placed either for living room or family room. It is very smart if you intend to display your TV set and other media units with pride. Instead of placing them behind cabinet glass door (open or closed mode-on), it is the old layout for TV and electric media sets. A floating media console looks simple, but it offers stylish spot for the media itself. Are there affordable selections? And are there compact options? The answer for both is ‘Yes!’

Below, there are some images of floating media console that are displayed completely with TV set and interior decorations. By viewing them, probably you will get an idea of what floating media console you desire. These images perhaps become your answer to your media stand matter. When selecting the best and most desired one, you then will deliver your next question: how long will the selected media console be? The answer will depend on the material of floating TV console.

Both types of media console (floating and regular media consoles) are made from wood. Few of them are constructed from other materials. Each material needs different treatments to keep their age, including the woods. As main material of home furniture, woods are durable material if they are maintained well such as re-painting/ re-staining.

How about the layout? There are two options of putting TV set on a floating media console. First, you can use a media console as the TV stand in which the console holds your TV set directly. Second, a TV set can be mounted on wall above the media console. About the style, there are many styles of media console. The styles are classic, rustic, contemporary/ modern, and minimalist floating media console.

Reference: www.decoist.com

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