Get Rid of Pet Odor with These Two Easy Homemade Sprays

Aside of their genuine love to their pet, all pet owners come to the same classic problem of keeping the fresh and clean air surrounding their house and getting rid of that typical barnyard stinky smell. Maximum groom and care are sometimes not enough and the possibility for them to leave odor will be still there. The following are three simple and easy natural homemade sprays to get rid of pet odor quickly.

The first easiest recipe is vinegar-baking soda spray where you only need to mix 2 cups of white distilled vinegar, 2 cups of lukewarm water, 4 tablespoons of baking soda all together and pour them into spray bottle to thoroughly spray the odor infected area. This simple and cheap method really works to get rid of pet odor since white vinegar is an amazing element which will get rid of even old missed stain. Moreover baking soda is well known for its nature’s odor remover ability. Combining these two will give a fantastic result regardless their easy and cheap provision.

Citrus-enzyme cleaner is another simple and inexpensive ingredient to get rid of pet odor. Many favorite stain removal products put information related to the use of enzymes in their labels. Enzymes are known to work well absorbing and breaking down odors and stains on a molecular level. While this mechanism of enzyme seems to be expensive but you can actually make your homemade enzyme that will perform the same great function. You will have to put 7 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1 ½ cups of lemon and orange peels/scraps and 1 liter of water into a bottle or a clear jar which is large enough to contain the liquid and the peels/scraps. You just need to keep this for three months before the natural homemade enzymatic cleaner is ready to get rid of pet odor surrounding your house.


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