Guest Room Treatment Ideas for Coziest and Most Inviting Space Where Your Guests Get Hotel-Like Services

bed frame with hardwood headboard light wood nightstand in scandinavian style gray bed linen black wood plank floors mini runner with geometrical patterns white round top table with wood legs 91 Magazine

There are so many ways to welcome our lovely visiting guests and one of them is by providing the best guest bedroom with ultimate comfort and facilities. Even, it’s important to us to re-decorate the bedroom as beautiful as mine. Yes, it needs much effort to get this, but it’s worthy to do for creating an inviting and comfortable space to nap. Not only about the interior, particular details of bedroom essentials also need more attention. Well, followings are the things that are actually small but worth to be on list when you’re planning re-preparing the bedroom for your guests.

Just start thinking about what makes you feel comfortable when you’re in your own bedroom. From this, you can create a comfortable and welcoming guest room where your guests spend time to take a rest. Well, the followings are some important parts you need to consider when redecorating the guest room.

Give the same attention and care as much as yours. This means the space must be comfortable. There are some bedroom essentials you need to consider. Linens, for instance, play important role to enhance a stylish and comfy sleeping space. It’s better to choose the best quality linen for the guest room and make sure that you’ve chosen the right color schemes. Gray featuring geometrical patterns, for example, is helpful to add textural look in this bedroom.

Add a special feature to your guest room like this side table. It’s visually stunning. With round white top and angled wood legs, the table clearly represents a Scandinavian style. I also really love this mini runner (as the base of table) as it exposes beautiful geometric patterns. The patterns are tribal-like patterns.

Sometimes, a bedroom also performs a dual purpose, as the sleeping and working room, so some workspace’s furniture set is required to add. To get the real home office vibe, the space is furnished with a simple computer desk and chair. Like in this space, the working table has light wood top and tiny hairpin legs, making the space minimalist, modern, and space-efficient. White also dominates the space, making the space bright and clean look.

Lighting has significant role on functionality and feel, so make sure that your guest room have accommodated on those issues. It would be usable for reading/ dressing and task lighting. A dimmable light fixture can create a nurturing and calming nuance, the good one for any bedrooms.

But if you think that a table lamp is quite more interesting than the wall-attached one, make sure that you have enough space to put it. It’s clever idea to put the lamp above the pile of your books; it isn’t practical yet worth to try out.

Invest best quality bedding. Good bedding, whether for sofabed, daybed, or permanent bed, is important issue you need to provide to your guest room. And linen is the favorite one as it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. To get the coziest spot to sleep on, cover up your bed with some layers of linens consisting of top sheet, duvet cover, and even a throw blanket as the decorative item. This idea is recommended because your guest can set the temperature based on his/ her needs.

It’s also a great idea to provide space to unpack in your guest room. The instant way is by giving the guests space to hang their clothes, to organize their suitcase, and to keep their makeup and all little things in cabinets or drawers. Just try to give more free space to guests to live in.

Don’t forget about the little things as the little touches in your guest room.  A kettle tea or coffee with the ready-use cups, for instance, sounds special to provide to welcome your guests.

You can also complete the bathroom with easily-forgotten things like tootbrush, bodysoap, or others and put them beautifully on the ornate basket. This idea is practical to make your guests help themselves.

Other essentials that need to add are mini note for WiFi’s username and password inserted on makeup mirror, slippers, magazines & books piled on bedside table, and even a natural-scent candle to create a calming and relaxing guest room.

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