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You are a woman and you like to collect some various handbags at your home. That is why in this case you need to have such a storage for those collected handbags. How do you keep them anyway? Do you have such a handbag storage at your home? You may never think about it, here the writer would like to help you by giving you some pictures as your inspiration.

You got a lot of handbags, you must not to wear it every time when you go outside. While those handbags are saved in the storage, those hand bags can also be decorating your room. For example, you have a living room, then you need to build one small handbag storage near the wall. So, you can put the handbags in the storage. Moreover, the storage used is door less one, means that it has no door at all. So, the handbags are showed directly.

The storage kind explained above is kind of shelf storage, white there is other handbag storage with different concept. This storage showed in the picture has nice simple hooks design behind doors. So, you just need to build some hooks behind the door of your bedroom, after that you hang all of your handbags collection there. This is the simplest way to keep your bags at the correct place. OR you may also be able to build small several hooks in the mudroom cabinet. So, you unite those bags with your shoes collection. This storage is just like cabinet in a bedroom for stuffs keeping.

The other concept also has nice modern design which makes a storage from a soft material like cloth. So, you just need to build iron frame, then you cover it with cloth, just like a door less cabinet. This concept is one of easier concept to make such a handbag storage at home.


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