Inspiring Urban Spaces, Brilliant Interior Ideas to Represent Your Lifestyle through Home Decor & Architecture

urban style living room oversized pop art gray couch white coffee table with round top shabby white fabric rug concrete walls and floors Pinterest

Urban interior idea joins together with industrial. It focuses on contemporary and modern bohemian visualization. Home with urban style commonly uses heavy-look materials for all interior facade including timber beams, concrete floors, steels, and all interior surfaces without finishing. For fixtures and furnishings, the style, in a contrary, highlights a lot in high-end and sophisticated pieces that make the overall design looks quite polished and expensive.

Another characterful feature of urban interior style is the open space use where it’s designed for a multi-functional goal. Luckily, through this page, I would like to share about the best and most fascinating ideas of urban interior style that hopefully will be recommended inspiration for those who really love this style. Go and find one that meets your personal preference.

Hard texture and heavy look – This bedroom design is inspired from urban-industrial style in which it is exposed the concrete interior in obvious way. Clean lines and soft-neutral furniture makes them quite visible among this characterful interior.

Create a high contrast in dominant dark space by paneling it with whitewashed brick wall is an instant way to get chic-industrial appeal.  Old bulbs with different wire height add a dramatic lighting effect as well as industrial look. And I personally really love the bean bags. Their matte black really blends with the wood element.

Concrete is still exposed in this bathroom and the homeowner features modern fixtures and complementary pieces such as glass shower panel, wall mirror, lighting, and bathroom fixtures as the best match. Heavy wood element also works perfectly in contributing a rustic touch.

Wood and cement application in sleek & modern look. Smooth and light surface walls visually fit light wood base, giving clean and minimalist look to the space. Wood element here also offers zen vibe that softly brings more relaxed atmosphere.

ultra modern and clean bathroom vanity with double pink sinks and wall mounted faucets a couple of vanity mirrors smooth concrete surface walls limestone floors


Simple & clean lines dry bathroom with limestone effect in room. Concrete and wood elements here are set in smooth surface for a modern effect with a bit rustic touch.

aged bronze cage pendants


Add aged bronze cage pendants for more powerful vintage touch to your urban-industrial living space. Obviously, they create a terrific accent lighting that could enlightens the whole room elegantly. Perfect choice for areas nearest the stairs, kitchen, and basement.

Urban and industrial aren’t always about concrete surface and open space. Wood slats and long wired-pendants actually could give a bit accent of urban & industrial at the same time. Like in this commercial coffee shop, the space simply performs a cozy coffee-zone with urban & industrial features.

Full-height bookcase (vertical one) seems a perfect option for a higher-ceiling effect, really relevant for most urban-industrial concept which is closely identical with large open space for multi functional purpose. The furnishing choice, additionally, reflects the owner’s urban lifestyle. Fabulous idea!

An open space inspired by urban interior decor style. Concrete surface is left to expose on wall, while warm-toned wood element fills the base and rest of walls, producing a rather similar tone of color but different in material and texture. About the furniture, clean and minimalist are the priority to bring a modern look.

Minimal and modern rack that mounts on wall is one of basic features of urban-industrial home decorating idea. It’s perfect choice for such open space as it meets a practical and functional issues. A couple of black wrought iron rails isn’t merely the wooden surface’s supports, but they’re also the additional feature that gives a little rustic touch in room.

Metal use dominates this cooking space and it brings ultra-modern appearance in room. Recessed appliances also support what modern’s mean that obviously offers minimal and practical look.

What a sophisticated space! An urban-style living room accented by an oversized pop art. Gray is dominant scheme but the coffee table and fabric rug are successfully being focal points of room. Overall interior pieces are so stunning.

What a overlooked couch! Its mustard color scheme has been the accent color in this urban-style room. Striped monochrome rug also looks so attractive but the couch still be the greatest one.

Make the piece of art as a statement. This uncolored photograph really adds a focal point in room. Its size easily make it recognizable. With some creative lighting assistance, the wall with photograph is obviously well-lighted, automatically be the brightest one among muted gray interior.

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