Large Decorative Letter for Interior Displays Urban Style for Unique Outlook

Do you love urban style? Then, you have to know some trends that now upgrade people home with sophistication. Large decorative letter is one of the trend that is simple and applicable, so you can apply it many where that you want. From living room, bedroom, until kitchen, all are wonderful to be inserted with unique decorative letter. You can take the inspiration from some pictures below!

To remind every single second in your bedroom with your father, isn’t it wonderful to have “DAD” large decorative letter above your headboard? In its normal font, it looks classy and also adorable, so instead of mess the nuance, it sweetens the ambiance!

Meanwhile, for you who have kids or babies, adding the nursery decorative letters spelling the name of them is a wonderful idea. For instance, take “Harry” name and make it colorful in orange, yellow and green color with heart shape patterning the surface!

If you want to make it more gorgeous, a wooden cubic with a letter is also recommended. It expresses youth spirit, and “LOVE” could be the best word to express on the four cubic!

In addition, adding decorative accent to the letter is a nice suggestion. Take “B” letter in blue design, and look at the flower made of wire showcasing modern creativity. The rope added to the body is another stunning diy decoration that you can follow!

To insert luxurious effect for each letter, pouring crystal on the letter will change the total look. It glams the surrounding, and of course it meets you feminine character which love glamor style!


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