Minimalist contemporary Kiev Apartment

For newlywed who searches for an apartment, Kiev Apartment is the perfect answer. If you love living in a modern style with the latest technology, this elegant apartment will satisfy you. Designed by Ukrainian architect, Ivan Yurima Architects, this 200m² apartment offers contemporary design with high quality materials. Having six rooms and three bathrooms, you can bring your big family in this living space.

When you enter the apartment, you will be welcomed by a simple living room. The minimalist living room presents a spacious area where your family can build strong family bonds. Your children can play in the living room freely and you can also enjoy watching the television while warming your body, thanks to the electric fireplace. With white floor plan and white tall storage, the navy rug gives a focal point to the room. Moreover, the combination of black and wood room divider complete the stylish design. Next to the living room, we can see a kitchen and a dining area that is also dominated with white color. Without any room divider, the small dining space looks airy.

The master bedroom is also impressive with its floating bed and asymmetrical railing lights. Divided with white sliding panel behind the bed, you will meet a bathroom and a home office room. The bathroom also has unique LED lights that are installed in pop-up brown wall tiles. The home office feels so plain, but it means you can add some colorful decorations that you want to help you more focus in working. There is also a walk-in closet that can save plentiful clothes, footwear, and accessories.


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