Warsaw Apartment Offers a Spacious Simple Living Space

Now, apartment becomes a favorite choice of living space after house. Because of high land price, the demand of apartment increases and finding the right one is difficult. Many options of comfortable apartments offered, but I think the best one is Apartment in Warsaw. The designer, Plasterlina, did a good job by making the apartment looks spacious. It has to do with the only few room dividers installed in the apartment.

The apartment looks bright and big once you enter it. Moreover, the combination between simplicity and modernity in the interior will make you feel relax and comfortable. At the center of the apartment, there is an open living room. The neutral colors around the living room are interfered by colorful pillows, and colorful striped rug that seems to be the focal point of the room.

The yellow, green, purple, and red pillows and rug make the room livelier and cheerful. In addition, thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, the apartment looks bright during the day. Behind the wood panel where the TV placed, a home office is established. Dominated with black and white color, you can focus with your work without feeling cramped because it is not surrounded by a wall.

Goes to the bedroom, you will find the simple design as the other rooms. With black wall decoration behind the headboard and the black curtain, your sleep will be tight. The hidden storage behind the walnut door that almost looks like a wall and the hanging bulb beside the bed give an exceptional touch. The bathroom also has the same color and the same theme with the bedroom, which is clean and simple.

Reference: homedit.com

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